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18th - 21st July 2019, Samba summer camp


The summer camp's history starts together with the one of Sambananas.
The first summer camp took place at Forlev Scout Center in the summer of 1999, shortly after Sambananas was started.

It was a very primitive setup in comparaion to now:
You slept in a tent in a green field, or if you we're lucky, in one of the shelters, a little away from the farmhouse where the party took place in the evening and night.
There is a tale of how Lau nearly got himself killed at a wake up call in Forlev.
We played in the farmhouse, or outside in the sun, and the dance took place either on the lawn, in the courtyard or in the event of rain in a small house with flooring of topped cobblestones!

The kitchen had only an old-fashioned wood burning stove and a "modern" gas stove with 4 small burners.
It was a scout center, so of course you were expected to cook over fire!

There was a great mood since almost everyone was new and the learning curve was steep! since everyone had to learn everything from scratch, yes, even making drinks, workshops were held.

Ambitions grow

The next couple of years, the ambitions grew: We meet in a couple of days before and built a majestic dance tent of fir rafts, tarpulins for roof and walls, laying down a rented wooden floor and supplying electricity for music and light in the evening. We we're in control!.
Teachers from Copenhagen were invited and invited guests from Poco in Aalborg and Sambarødderne in Odense.
The big problem arose when A Bunda from Gothenburg visted us on the road to Coburg with a bus that had the biggest problems getting down the small track and under the low-hanging branches on the trees, but even worse when it had to go all the way backwards because it could not turn in the yard.
So we were'nt in control after all.

The setup changes

In 2002, Forlev Scout Center was busy in the summer with a scouts camp, so we had to find another place for the summer camp.
We accepted to move it to Klejtrup Music School, where Camilla was teaching and had contact, although we thought it was against the spirit of the summer camp to sleep inside in real beds, but we also had the opportunity to pitch tents outside on the lawn!
In parentheses, it should be noted that this opportunity was not used and we discovered how comfortable it was to sleep in a bed, though only for a few hours each night, for the party was long and it was a good time.

The setup for teaching was improved by hundreds of percent, so it's not even been considered to return to Forlev Scout Center ever after.
And the kitchen facilities made it possible to make good food for everyone at the same time!
The summer camp committee was responsible for purchasing all the food.

There was hired one teacher for the dancers and one for the musicians, and there were workshops Friday and Saturday at alternatingly intermediate level or advanced level.

The registration form, still used, was put into use on the 2003 website.

There were regular workshops Friday and Saturday.

Ambitions grow again

From 2004 we had become so skilled that we needed two teachers to teach dance as music.
And children's workshops were organized for the first time.
There were workshops for dancers and musicians in both intermediate and advanced levels on Thursday, Saturday and Saturday.

In the years 2002-2013 we were at Klejtrup Music School, but in 2014 and 2015 we were forced to choose Klank Efterskole because of the economy.

Despite of a cheaper school in 2014 and 2015, we ended up with a dangerous result in 2015 with close to 6000 kr in deficit because of lack of participants.

As Klank Efterskole chose to double the rent and Klejtrup actually has the facilities that we require, we chose go back there, and we feel it was quite succesful.
Unfortunately it was impossible to book Klejtrup in 2017, we chose to cancel summer camp in 2017, and at the same time evaluate ie. the structure of the summer camp, so here in 2018 there are some changes but also something as usual, ie. kitchen duties and that we lift the camp together.


Even if you plan as good as you can, troubles can arise, best as you thought, everything was under control.
There are numerous examples where it didn't work out as expected. To mention a few examples:


The summer camp has evolved gradually through the years in several ways:

Back to Klejtrup

From 2018 we are back at Klejtrup Musikkfterskole.
Unfortunately, there has been a jazz week on the program in week 30, which has been fixed through all the years, so we have had to accept week 29 instead.
We do not hope that it will decrease the number of participants.
Again the level of teaching is high and we aim to bring more of the advanced participants back, hoping that better marketing and a tighter strucure will be reflected in the participant's number.

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