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18th - 21st July 2018, Samba summer camp

Back to traditions the Samba Summer Camp organizers will again arrange Samba Summer Camp, this year at Klejtrup Musikefterskole Wednesday 18th to Saturday 21st July 2018.

You will get all this:
Accelerating axés, alternative afternoons, bewitched bars, chaotic coffee breaks, creative kitchen jobs, delightful dishing, delicious dinners, drilled dancers, double drinks, exciting exchanges, go-for-it games, gorgeous girls, gorgeous guys, intense instrument drills, inciting intonations, lots of laughter, luxurious laying, master musicians, memorable minutes, popular pagodes, powerful parties, sensual samba, soundful sing-a-longs, shining sun, sexy sisters, sweaty swing, wild workshops.

Come to Klejtrup, dear sambistas!

18th – 21st July the Samba Summer Camp organizers will arrange our yearly Samba Summer Camp for everyone interested in playing or dancing samba! Book your calendar and look forward, as we promise you, that it's going to be as cool as ever! We will start Wednesday morning and continue right until Saturday afternoon.

We will follow the old, famous recipe: lovely music, shining sun, beautiful environment, delicious food, fantastic people, dance until the morning breaks and lots of fun and playing.

We don't know who's going to teach dancing and playing, and we promise to make a versatile program, with classes in both dance and music in different levels and styles, and that there will be a separate program for children.

Follow the preparations and get the latest news on facebook Sambasommerlejr

With summer happy samba greetings
The Samba Summer Camp organizers

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