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18th - 21st July 2019, Samba summer camp



Alysson Bruno

Alysson Bruno

Alysson Bruno is a musician, dancer, composer, producer and music director from São Paulo, Brazil, born and raised in the religion of Candomblé of the Ketu nation
He has taught numerous workshops in percussion, movement and the musicality of Candomblé in Brazil, Canada, France, Switzerland, Russia and Spain.
He has worked as the main percussionist and composer with the choreographer Rosangela Silvestre, since 2010.
Alysson's recent projects include working as a musician for various bands in São Paulo; Alafiá, Höröyá, Batucada Tamarindo and Coletivo Roda Gigante, performing as a dancer for Gumboot Dance Brasil, being the musical director for Toronto based dance company Dance Migration and composing for Toronto based drumming group Baque de Bamba.

Alysson will be teaching afro at the summer camp.

Damien Thébault & Max Oll

Damien Thébault

Damien Thébault is a conductor with extensive experience in group work.
Percussion teacher since 1996, with a legendary and effective pedagogy.
Mestre / sambista since 1996 (Percuterreux d'la Beauce, Aquarela from 2004 to 2007, Bloco de Paris, Estrela do Mar, Misto Quente at the moment ....)
Percussionist who has played in Samba Schools Viradouro, Imperatriz, Imperio Serrano, Rio Grande, Porto da Pedra ... etc. In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Damien will bring his co-mestre Max Oll from Misto Quente, so he can work as a co-teacher.

Damien is going to teach Samba Batucada at the summer camp.


Felipe Moris

Felipe Moris

Felipe has been part of the international Samba scene for a long time and is the head dancer and choreographer of the Samba school Baturim in Vienna, after many years of experience in Brazil. He made his first dance steps at the age of five and has grown authentically into the world of dance. In São Paulo, his hometown, Felipe learned the high art of carnival at the famous samba schools Rosas de Ouro, Nenê de Vila Matilde, Vai-Vai and Acadêmicos do Tatuap

He studied very different dance styles that shape his samba style until today. Needless to say, Felipe took lessons with the best known names in the world of samba dance, such as Carlinhos do Salgueiro (chief choreographer of Salgueiro) and Evelyn Bastos, the "samba queen" of Mangueira. So, not surprisingly Felipe was attending at the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro in 2017 for the renowned and traditional samba schools Mangueira, Salgueiro, Unidos de Padre Miguel and G.R.E.S. Paraíso do Tuiuti. There, he was even allowed to participate as a passista at the carnaval parade.

Felipe will be teaching samba no pé at the summer camp.

Irineu Nogueira

Irineu Nogueira

Irineu Nogueira is a Brazilian artist who has been living in London for the last 7 years. He has been exploring paths to express his art of movement through cross-discipline experiences in dance, theatre, cinema and performance. Back in Brazil Irineu developed a respectful reputation in Brazilian and African dances which resulted in several masterclasses worldwide.

Almost thirty years after his first experience with dance, the choreographer, and dance educator Irineu Nogueira has become a reference in research and the teaching of Afro-Brazilian worldwide. Born in São Luis, in the state of Maranhão, in the North of Brazil, Irineu is recognized for his pioneering role in mixing solid references of Brazilian and African movements with contemporary dance techniques, thus creating a unique language whose strong point is diversity.

Irineu will be teachning afro-brazilian dances and samba reggae at the summer camp.

Irineu will bring his Senegaleese percussionist Demba Sow, aka Dembis Thioung, who will play live drums, at the afro workshops.


We're working at finding teachers for the childrens workshops.

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