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18th - 21st July 2019, Samba summer camp


(the camp start Thursday at 11)
Thursday   Friday   Saturday   Sunday   Approx. at :00
Going home?
(the camp ends Sunday at 17)
Friday   Saturday   Sunday   Approx. at  :00
Which workshops do you want to participate in? Music     Dance     ChildrenMusic     ChildrenDance     Mixed     None
Are you a child - ie. under 15 years? If so, how many years are you?
Read about childrens participation
Are you member of a samba group? If so, which?
Which level do you think you are in samba? Advanced     Semi advanced     Beginner
If music workshops, which instrument will you play?
Are you a vegetarian? Yes   No
Other Informations ie. room mate.
Have you read and accept the terms and conditions? Yes
Have you read and accept the personal data consent? Yes

Fill out a registration for each person, also for children. Paricipants under 15 years are considered children
Read about children's participation

We will reject registrations, if no more available room.

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